Digitally Archived Copies of the Chatsworth Plaindealer

Welcome to the digitaly archived copies of the Chatsworth Plain dealer. Thanks to Alan Baltz for his financial support to move this dream to actuality. Thanks also to Mary Runyon Hanshew for all her work with Graphic Sciences to get all of our copies into digital format and to Dale Dormody with Piper Webs for getting over 5000 files to our archives on our website.

To best utilize these files, use the buttons on the left to first get you to the year(years) you are interested in viewing. This action will bring another menu to the center of the screen from there you can click on specific issues. Once in the issue, you will have a gray box at the bottom of the screen from which you can enlarge the type font and then navigate using these symbols.

We hope you enjoy having access to these old newspaper editions.

Chatsworth Plaindealer Front Page Image - March 2, 1944